Here is your chance to join the Navy without going through Basic Training.


Your one time, tax deductible donation will automatically enlist you in our Navy!

In return for your one time donation, you will receive a certificate listing your “official” ranking that is suitable for framing. We will also publish your name and rank on our website and in our next newsletter unless you choose to opt out.



fadm-sbFleet Admiral $25,000
adm-sbAdmiral $20,000
Vice Admiralvadm-sb $15,000
Rear Admiralradm-sb $10,000
Captain capt-sb $7,500
Commander cdr-sb $5,000
 Lt.Commander lcdr-sb $2,500
Lieutenant lt-sb $1,000
Lt. Junior Grade ltjg-sb $500
Ensign ens-sb $250
Recruit $50


Membership funds will be used toward continued restoration of the USS Edson DD-946 and for normal operating and maintenance expenses, until admission fees and ship/museum store profits meet these ongoing requirements. Any excess membership funds will then go to the Non Endowed Fund for major maintenance and capital improvement projects.