The Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum was formed as a non-profit organization with the intention of bringing a historic naval vessel to Bay City, Michigan’s riverfront. Now that the ship is here, our primary purpose is to preserve and promote the USS Edson. The USS Edson will serve as a unique visitor attraction, an active educational facility and a historic memorial to those who have protected our nation’s freedom and independence.

Preserving the ship will be a formidable task as the USS Edson will not be immune to the indignities of aging and the elements. Preservation requires constant vigilance and an investment of considerable financial, industrial, and human resources.

The Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum will continue to seek broader support from the public to preserve the USS Edson, promote Bay City’s century-old ship-building heritage, and enhance the Bay City’s riverfront as a major destination within the Great Lakes Bay Region.

We receive no outside funding and rely soley on the admissions, gift shop sales, and donations to continue operating. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.