~ Have a Flag Flown Over the USS Edson ~

Instructions: Organizations or individuals wishing to have a flag flown over the USS Edson can order a 3ft. x 5ft. nylon flag (with grommets for flying) through the Ships Store online at https://www.ussedson.org/ships-store/. You may also place an order by phone. A presentation certificate will be provided with your purchase.

Alternative Option: You can send a flag – size and fabric of your choice (i.e. a service flag, Navy Jack, Seabee Flag, etc.), directly to SVNSM.

Alternative Option Directions: Send your flag along with a money order or check for $22.00 made out to SVNSM. Please include a note telling us important information such as who the flag is being flown in honor of or if there is a specific date you would like the flag flown on.


Attention: Carla Monteiro

1680 Martin St

Bay City, MI 48706


Any Flags that are received without the check or money order for $15 – will not be flown or returned to the sender until payment is made.  


It is requested that you allow a minimum of 2-4 weeks turnaround time. If you are making a request from outside the continental United States, please allow 4-6 weeks for turnaround. *If the flag needs to be expedited or flown on a certain date, then the flag coordinator must be contacted and informed that the flag is on the way. 


We will do our best to accommodate any specially requested dates, however, we cannot fly flags in inclement weather or when we are closed.


If you have any questions about this process or procedure, please contact:


Carla Monteiro

Tel: 989-684-3946

Fax: 989-684-3947

Email: svnsm.carla@gmail.com