They say that a ship that travels the sea is never truly at rest – are you ready to discover the secrets held by the USS Edson?

Our paranormal program is officially open and accepting reservations. Reservations are accepted for dates April through August 30th.

Bill Randall is a USS Edson Tour Guide and gives you a guided tour of our ship. Our paranormal investigation program gives you access to the most active paranormal areas of the ship. Bill will be available to investigate with you or just be on hand to answer any questions you may have. You are encouraged to bring equipment with you, none will be provided.

A minimum of four people are required to make a reservation. Prices start at $120 per person for an investigation and overnight stay. A $120 per group deposit is required to hold your date. Reservations are accepted April through August 30th with Full moon nights available for paranormal investigations. Please be aware that we will double book small groups. Your investigation will not be compromised but if you prefer to have the ship to yourselves, we do offer that option. Pricing depends on several factors, please contact us for more information.

For complete information on these events or to schedule your private investigation please send us a message or call (989) 684-3946.

*There is a minimum $120 per person minimum of 10 people. We will need non-refundable $120 deposit to make your reservations which will go toward your remaining balance. No private nights, only once a month availability. Nights of a full Moon *

We are accepting reservations for the 2023 season.