Overnight and Paranormal Programs Are Now Accepting 2022 and 2023 Reservations!

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Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum is happy to announce that we are now accepting reservations for our onboard Overnight Program and our Paranormal Investigation Program.

Reservations can be made for select dates April through August.

Our regular Overnight Program requires a minimum of four people to make a reservation. If you have a larger group, please reach out to see if we can accommodate your group. For more information click HERE.

Our Paranormal Program requires a minimum of four people. We can accept larger groups. You have an option to just do an investigation or to investigate and stay the entire night. More information is available HERE.

Both programs require a $50 deposit within two weeks of your reservation and the balance will be due upon arrival. Reservations are accepted seven days a week.

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  1. John Sheriff

    I would like to do a business team building event.
    Please provide the cost for 10-people, what the requirements are and restrictions if any.
    Days/dates available.
    Would fishing be allowed or if we arrived by boat is docking available overnight.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

  2. Wanda Wildey

    Please provide the same information that you sent to John Sheriff. Our firm is interested doing this in August for 14-16 people.

    It may end up being just a day trip instead of overnite.

    Thank you for your service and time.

  3. Daniel Robidoux

    I would like to thank everyone of the staff members who allowed the Morenci High School Symphonic Band to play on the ship. You are all amazing people. Thank you for the amazing time and experience.

    -Morenci High School Symphonic Band Tuba player

  4. Cobey

    I would like to book a overnight but was wondering if it would be possible to pay more for fewer than a 10 person group to experience the paranormal activity on the destroyer

    • Editor

      Hi Cobey,
      We do not allow paranormal investigations on our regular overnights. Any paranormal investigations must be booked through Metro Paranormal Investigations. You can reach them through their website HERE.
      If you are interested in just staying on board with a group of 9 or less, we do have 2 public overnights scheduled this summer. The first is June 9 and the second is August 25. Information can be found on our event calender.

  5. Annette Yap

    My daughter and I just went on the Edson for the overnight program. It was an amazing experience. The Paranormal and life stories that were told by the volunteers and crew members added so much to the experience . You can tell that they have a great passion for this ship and the Navy, in which they served. We had the opportunity to visit places that were normally off limits to the public, Which may the experience more memorable. I think we even got a visit from Paul ( a sailor that died on the ship) because we found a penny on the top bunk the next morning after my daughter hit the bell 3 times with her coins. I think he wanted her to do it again. I would recommend this event to anyone that has a passion for naval ships, Paranormal experiences, or just wants the history of this ship. Thank you Carla, Bill and the rest of the volunteers for making our time on this ship unforgettable .

      • Casey Carlson

        I was a Quartermaster on the USS DuPont DD941. I’d like to bring my wife over from Holland to visit the ship. Will we be able to see the Bridge and chartroom? What about my berthing compartment, aft, two decks down, amidship?

        • Editor

          Hi Casey,
          We can definitely get you onto the bridge. The Chartroom is closed to the public but you can see inside. There are a lot of old charts and we didn’t want to rsk them getting stolen or damaged. I’m not sure about your berthing compartment. I would suggest making a reservation at least a week before your visit so we can arrange a tour guide to walk through with you. The guide would be able to get you into any areas that you want to see that aren’t on the tour route.

  6. Tim

    I would like to have a paranormal investigation along with a psychic gallery reading for approx 15-20 people. What would the cost be as well as time allowed on ship.

  7. MM1 John Stefanides

    I am a Scoutmaster and Navy veteran, and I would love to bring my Boy Scout Troop for an overnight experience next spring. Could you please send me some information and any details on group discounts?

  8. Jr Long

    We are looking to have approximately 30 adults and scouts total. We would be looking to do this on july 20th 2019. What would be the cost to stay overnight on the ship
    Thank you.
    Troop 322 jackson,mi
    Troop 162 cridersville,oh.

  9. Karen

    I would love information on this for our family get together. We usually have around 35 people. My brother, Dad and couple of brother in laws were in the navy and I think they would find this very fascinating. I would love information on cost and whether or not we would have use of the kitchen. We usually do a weekend in September. Thanks so much,
    Karen 🙂

  10. Mike welch

    Hello my name is michael welch, my fiance and i are paranormal investigators, out of Highland mi, (HPR) highland paranormal research. My dads birthday is coming up, and has always wanted to go on a navy vessel. He is also into the paranormal. . i was wondering what it would cost for the 3 of us to come aboard for a few hours and bring our equipment. He’s a marine veteran, and we were born and raised in bay city. We would love, love, love to do this. Thank u for your time.

    Mike welch: founder , lead investigator HPR

  11. Angela Allen

    Hello! I want to find out about a Girl Scout overnight. There would only be 2 girls and 3 adults—all Girl Scouts.
    Please let me know what you have available. Anything special we need or that you need?
    What do we need to bring? Thanks so much!

  12. Norma J Declute

    What an awesome experience! Staff were so welcoming and kind! Our family made some wonderful memories. We recommend very much! So glad they cared enough to save this ship for future generations.

  13. Cody Strauss

    Hello, me and my friend are beginning paranormal investigation team, and we would like to know how we could get access to an overnight to ghost hunt and talk to the spirits on board of the ship. We would rather go to a place that is legal to go to and have permission to do so just Incase and I thought this would be the perfect first place for us!

    • Editor

      Thanks for your interest in investigating aboard the USS Edson. You can find information here. Reservations are required and prices atart at $60 per person.

  14. Dianne Aiken

    I would like to say thank you to the group of the USS Edson on our recent overnight stay. Bill was top-notch in his tour of the ship. He shared a wealth of knowledge and it was a pleasure to not only learn about the ship, but hear the many stories attached to the ship. It was also a joy to meet Annette (loved her). Anne was a wonderful host (good to see her again) and thanks, Jack, for taking our pictures. You all were great and really made my stay enjoyable. I definitely want to come back with my brother as he was on another destroyer back in the seventies. I know he will love it. Thanks again!!

    • Editor

      Thank you for the kind words. We are glad you enjoyed your stay and hope you will come back again soon.

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