Edson Incident

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Opening Friday, September 20, the Edson Incident is the only Haunted Ship in the midwest held on a Destroyer. Those brave enough to enter will make their way through five levels of the USS Edson. Each level scarier than that last.

The Edson Incident will run Fridays 8 PM to Midnight, Saturdays 7 PM to Midnight, and Sunday October 27 7 PM to 10 PM. Tickets are $15 per person. Group rates available.

You can vist the Edson Incident web site for complete information.

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  1. Daniel. S. Cooley

    When do you open in 2020 are you open in August and or September ?

    • Editor

      The Edson Incident opens on September 18. Due to the COVID situation, they have chnged things up a bit as far as how to purchase tickets and waiting to board for the attraction. All of the information can be found HERE.

  2. Robert Duncan Stubbs

    Oh my God could my ship possibly be used as a Halloween decoration my name is bt3 Robert Stubbs I served on board Edson from 1977 to 1981 I was hoping to come see her for a visit but not like this I just found out you guys are holding scary stuff there and I don’t know what to think yet this is a 1-minute knee-jerk reaction as long as the ship is upright and still people are interested in her God bless you and no matter what it takes long live the USS Edson from a dedicated snipe in the aft fire room boilers 3 and 4

    • Editor

      I promise the group running the Edson Incident takes every possible percaution to protect the ship. The money they donate to us from this event plays a large role in getting our restoration work completed and we are very grateful that they chose the Edson as the setting for their event.

  3. Robert Duncan Stubbs

    Do you have any Field Days scheduled in the spring towards Summer I’d be coming from Rhode Island her last home Port and I would like to set up some kind of date with her thank you very much Bob Stubbs bt3 USS Edson 1977

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