Classes and Camping for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts


Looking for something to add to your tour while you’re at the Edson? We currently offer 2 classes designed for Boy Scouts but open to anyone who is interested. If your Scout troop has something else you would like to work on, don’t hesitate to ask, we will accommodate everyone we can.

Our current classes are:

Knot Tying – This class teaches the 10 basic knots. Our instructor can add other knots as you request or can just focus on certain knots if you prefer.

Signs, Signals, and Coding – This class works with students to learn how to use Semaphore Flags. Some Morse Code may be included.

Classes can be added before or after your group tour for a small charge.


We also offer overnight camping to scout groups. There are two (2) camping packages available. The first includes 2 nights of camping on the grounds, a guided tour, and the class of your choice; second class can be added for an additional fee. The second package includes 1 night of camping and a guided tour.


Don’t see anything that fits your needs? Give us a call! We are willing to work with you to plan your outing.


For more information or to book your visit, call Carla at (989) 684-3946 or send her a message today!